How Does Paleo Diet Work ?

What is Paleo Diet ?

Paleo diet is based on the notion that for better heath, human beings should go back to the habit of eating real unprocessed foods like their less uncivilized but far healthier ancestors. However, this does not mean that we should entirely revert to the caveman’s eating habits.

Most people on paleo diet tend to eat whole, nutrient-dense, nourishing, and unprocessed foods. They feed on pasture-fed meat and eggs, vegetables, and wild-caught seafood. They enjoy various nuts, fruits, and seeds. Paleo diet adherents avoid foods that may trigger systematic inflation, one’s that may derail natural metabolic processes, or those that may wreck the guts.

Biochemists, nutritionists, and physicians are slowly coming around to the benefits this ancestral nutrition. People on paleo or paleo-like diet have reported significant improvement in their body composition, general health, as well as enhanced energy levels. It is clearly evident that people who choose this way of eating have reduced chances of getting disorders and diseases that are linked to the Standard American Diet(SAD).


How Does Paleo Diet Work ?

One of the chief goals of paleo diet is to normalize the levels of insulin in the body. This provides the best health, performance, and body composition. You need to understand what insulin is and its role in the body. You need to understand the type of foods that increase your insulin levels. Fats do not increase your insulin levels. Proteins do increase insulin levels but to a very minimal extent. Carbohydrates are wholly responsible for increased insulin amounts. People on paleo diet avoid carbohydrates because they spike insulin levels leading to decreased insulin sensitivity.

If you do not think this is crucial, then you ought to get a few facts about insulin right. First, insulin regulates storage of fat in the body and controls the flow of amino acids and fatty acids. It affects your appetite, and it is a growth hormone and thus plays a sensitive role in the overall function of your body.

As such, insulin is not something you would like to lose control of. Note that continued insulin resistance leads to the inability of the body to shed extra fat and to absorb nutrients. This leads to hyperinsulinemia.

Hyperinsulinemia occurs when you load your body with a lot of carbohydrates. In this case, your body becomes insulin-resistant and the pancreas cannot control the amount of insulin being secreted. Hyperinsulinemia has been linked to almost all the life-threatening diseases of our time such as stroke, cancer, heart disease, immune disorder, and excess fluid retention.


Make Use of Paleo Grubs

Although most people understand the benefits of going paleo, they do not know where to start. Others have some knowledge but do not have a thorough understanding of the kind of recipes they should indulge in. Therefore, you should make use of Paleo Grubs in order to get all the necessary information regarding going paleo and living a paleo life. Paleo Grubs includes all the recipes that a paleo person should make use of and contains vast useful information on the whole subject of paleo diet.

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