Metabolic Cooking Program Review

Metabolic Cooking Program

  • Product : Metabolic Cooking Program
  • Author : Dave Ruel and Karine Losier
  • Metabolic Cooking Program Page : Click Here
  • money Back Guarantee : Yes
  • Refund : 60 days
  • Bonuses : Yes

You and I agree that cooking when trying to lose weight can be tricky. It is true that food plays a crucial role in everybody’s life, and it can be our enemy at the same time. You can be sure that it would take almost nothing for a healthy diet to turn into one that adds pounds to your body or causes health problems. The secret is cooking food that is delicious and healthy, which enhances weight loss at the same time. This helps you to enjoy food without worrying about gaining weight. I bet you’re wondering whether this possible. Well, it is indeed possible with Metabolic Cooking. This program promises these results, and therefore you wouldn’t be on the wrong track if you read this Metabolic Cooking Review up to the end.

What is Metabolic Cooking ?

This is a creation of Dave Ruel and Karine Losier that includes a dozen of eBooks aimed at guiding you on healthy and delicious recipes and providing information of dieting, food and healthy eating. It includes more than 250 recipes that are created specifically to guide you prepare delicious and healthy foods that can promote weight loss through enhancing your metabolism.

In this program, Dave and Karine presents nutritional value of foods in the context of “metabolic thermo charge”. They define this term as the metabolic powers that certain foods possess to make your body burn more body fat, instead of storing it in fatty cells. This is a way of rating foods, depending on the number of calories burned by your body, by breaking down the nutrients each time you consume a particular food.


Metabolic cooking will guide you on the foods that help your body stay on the fat burn mode, instead of the fat storage mode. It helps you to avoid foods that encourage fat storage but rather consume those that help your body to burn fat and keep your body fat burning ability high.

Pros of Metabolic Cooking :

  • 250 plus recipes at your disposal. You will be spoilt for choices and at no point will you feel bored or restricted to only a few recipes.
  • It is a simple guide which is easy to implement as they provide clear and simple instructions.
  • Your favorite foods still find a place in the program. With this program, you don’t have to totally get rid of what you love. You will still have it, only that you have to prepare it according to their recipes.
  • No limit to weight loss. How much you lose is all in your hands. It’s your choice to lose any amount of pounds you please.
  • Easily available ingredients. You may not have all the ingredients for these recipes, but you can be sure a walk to the nearest grocery will not disappoint you.
  • Easily accessible program as long you have an internet enabled device. Therefore, no shipping costs and delays are expected.
  • Risk-free investment as it comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.

Cons of Metabolic Cooking :

  • I think the fact that once you buy the book you get a couple of eBooks, all at once without a main guide may confuse you and leave you wondering which of these do you start reading. This roots down to how they have structured the program.
  • They don’t explain why these foods boost metabolism. Yes, it is true that it provides great recipes for delicious foods, but a further explanation on why they are great would increase its credibility.


Metabolic Cooking Review – Conclusion :

If you want to eat healthy and delicious foods that promote weight loss at the same time, then look no further. Metabolic Cooking is that program that will help you consume metabolism-enhancing foods, hence help in weight loss. It provides you with lots of recipes, something that ensures that you don’t stick to boring recipes all through. Once you purchase the program, you have everything to gain, but absolutely nothing to lose as it comes with a money back guarantee. This is therefore a program I would recommend to anyone who wants to enjoy healthy, delicious and weight loss promoting foods.

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